What we do?

Machinery Moving & Installation

What exactly do we move?

KMS operates in the Machinery Moving Industry; however we have carefully broken down our services into the following segments:

  • Rigging Services
  • Industrial Moving & Installation
  • Cleanroom Moving & Installation
  • Specialist Moving & Installation
  • Crating, Shipping & Export Services
  • Specialised Transport Service
  • Other/Miscellaneous Moving Services

With over 25 years’ experience in the Machinery Moving industry, it doesn’t matter whether you need to move a machine a mere 5 feet inside your factory or even relocate a full production line across borders, we’ve got the team in place to meet your needs.

KMS has been moving machines of all shapes, sizes and weights for many satisfied customers for over 25 years and we are here to help you. We have the necessary equipment, engineers and qualifications to do the job safely, with a focus on operating smoothly without causing disruption, meeting deadlines and also minimising downtime for our customers.

Visit our section on Machinery Moving to learn more.

Testing, Inspection & Certification

*NEW* KMS Cert Portal

We are delighted to launch our new cert portal using CheckedOK by CORE RFID. You can access your certs immediately once they become available. If you would like any more info of the benefits of using our portal please contact us on 093 68576 or fill out the contact us form

What is Testing, Inspection & Certification exactly?

KMS offer a mobile inspection and certification service for your lifting equipment and machinery. Our engineers work around the country in our mobile units to provide certificates of thorough examination (GA1) to comply with the approved HSA form for the testing, inspection & certification of lifting equipment as per the General Applications Regulations Act 2007.

Just so you understand exactly what we test, we have carefully broken down our services into the following segments:

  • Lifting Equipment
  • Plant, Machinery & Construction Equipment
  • Quarry Equipment
  • Marine Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Factory & Warehousing Equipment
  • Building Structure Safety
  • Theatre & Stage Equipment

How does this work?

We ensure that your lifting equipment, machinery and any other relevant equipment are thoroughly inspected by our qualified engineers at the premises you require the test and this allows you to comply with current legislation and safety standards. Certs can be stored on our cert portal which means once they are created they are available immediately to customers who are signed up for this service which speeds up the process with no delay in paperwork etc.

Certifications generally last between 6 months and 12 months but some items can be more depending on the type of equipment. Feel free to contact our experienced team to ask more or visit the relevant legislation page for more info.

Don’t take chances with your equipment

Although we want to minimise downtime for our customers as much as possible, our engineers never use handheld, chip and pin or barcode systems to test your equipment. Why do we do this? Its simple, we ensure that every single fine detail is carefully and meticulously inspected because in this industry you can’t afford to substitute speed for safety. (After all it’s a certificate of thorough examination).

Carefully examining each piece of equipment, whether it’s a 20 tonne digger or a small chain, is very important to us as we have a 100% track record for safety and our customers need to be assured that their equipment is safe to use every single time. After all one simple mistake or shortcut taken by an engineer to speed up the process could lead to injury or worse .We also carefully check the certs before they become available to the customer as mistakes could lead to downtime on site.

Visit our section on Testing & Certification to see what we test.

Sales & Supply of Lifting Equipment

KMS now has a wide range of high quality lifting equipment stocked at our premises in Galway. Quality is most important to us and our chains, hooks, shackles and other equipment are 2nd to none. We can offer next day delivery in most cases and if you have something special required don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try get it into stock for you. We also have our vans stocked with necessary equipment to repair on site.

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